CAMAGÜEY.- Human rights, two taken and brought words, even from before what many of us imagine. The France of 1789 was the first one in worrying for this terms combination, there arose then the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and of the Citizen. Some years later, on December 10, 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a universal declaration with 30 articles. His editors did not imagine that the document was going to have so varied interpretations, to the point of which that one arisen like a sign of modernity and civilization has turned the Frankenstein of these times.

On the Human rights, it weighs the ballast of the political manipulation; the organisms dedicated to its "defense" have turned into a species of Holy Inquisition against the countries of the South that present an alternative to the prevailing order.

Also there is granted the right to speak about equality, when 4 500 million women and men who live in the third world consume 14 % of everything what it is produced in the planet, while 1 500 millions of the developed country consume 86 % and 20 % of the richest population possesses 82 times the wealth of the poorest 20 %.

Today there are privileged the civil and political rights, freedom of expression, of meeting, of association; the word most repeated in sadly famous document is this, liberty. Nevertheless, the only freedom that the masters of the capital respect is that of the ham, yes, it is not a silly thing; it is the freedom of being able to choose the ham that they will eat up. Javier Couso said that in the United States one can go so far as to criticize the President, blessed freedom; but it will never appear in the means that there was a fly in a bottle of Coca-Cola, because the market does not enter at these freedoms.

While the international organisms ignore the 815 million persons who go to sleep without eating, or the 400 millions that do not have access to the health not to the education, or the 748 millions that do not possess drinking water, or to the blacks who die in a shooting by white police officers in the North American streets. The International Amnesty, in its report of this year, dedicates several pages to the “case Cuba”:“ The authorities were playing ‘the cat and the mouse’ arresting and imprisoning repeatedly activists - often several times a month - during periods of between eight and 30 hours and liberating them later without charge”. Furthermore, it mentions that according to a Cuban commission of Human rights and National Conciliation, that they only know and nobody else, an increase of the detentions took place, between January and November, with regard to the same period of the previous year. To use this topic against Cuba is not new, the first one in doing it was Ronald Reagan, and from there even the actuality has turned the favorite justification for sanctions and threats of invasion.

It would be good to ask to such institutions why in none of their reports they admit that Cuba is the country of the world that major per cent of its GDP destines to the Education and the only one in the region that there fulfilled 100 % of the targets of the education for all. Why does no one emphasize that we have a life expectancy on having been born of more than 78 years and the infant mortality it is below five for every thousand born alive, that we count with a vaccination program against 13 illnesses that it covers 100 % of our children, in addition to being the first country of the world in eliminating the maternal - infantile transmission of VIH, the only country of Latin America without severe infantile undernourishment and presents the minor grade of possible malnutrition, less than 5 % of the population. All this does that we occupy the place 44 in the world, if about human development we speak.

If this is to violate the human rights, since welcome the villains are, it would be necessary to study then why this phenomenon of “widespread masochism”. I am sure that the answer would not be late very much in being found, those who defend so much the most powerful of the planet, which are alone 1 % of its inhabitants, are not even neither so human nor so right.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez