CAMAGÜEY.- A year ago his people wanted to stay for these plains, and has since lived in the homes of the heirs of Ignacio Agramonte, who take up their thinking and work in the daily actions, in favor of this province is a model in the building of socialism, as he trusted.

The Commander-in-Chief guide today the development of livestock and dairy production, encourages the reanimation of the sugar harvest and promotes the creation of new facilities for the enjoyment of all.

Their advice and sound recommendations also listen to those who are endeavoring, at the foot of the furrow, in extracting riches to the earth; the teachers, doctors, and workers; also the children and young people pay attention to the ways that we will no longer paths.

Fidel rest in Camagüey, accompanied by his people, on the night of December 1, exactly a year ago, before continuing his step toward immortality, in the Santa Ifigenia.

Many did not want to stop say thank you during their transit through the streets of a province that welcomed him dozens of times, and that materialized his thinking, always in favor of improvement of the life of man.

But it seems as if Fidel had not returned that 2 December 2016 to the middle where the independence of Cuba.

And so it was. He stayed in Camagüey, Cuba, rests along with other greats of the homeland and beyond in the Code Hero; however, its footprint is still fresh on these plains.

No one can delete them, and we do not want to disappear. This is the battle that today we are fighting and that assures us a future of equality, freedom and independence, such as the gift Fidel in 1959 and that from a year ago helps us to preserve, with its omnipresence in every step of a province that never will go away.