CAMAGÜEY.- It has been the first very hard year without your physical presence, with so many things to finish and do … Luck that you foresaw everything, and when the adversities happen, they repeat themselves, the solutions dress your example although it is almost impossible to tread with knowledge and dexterity on the traces of your long strides on the dangers that watch the future.

It hurt, your departure hurts, and moreover, the devastating hurricane determined to re-open the deep wounds of the absence and the memories of the Flora and all the rest climatic phenomena, but it is encouraging to imagine you wetted up to the core, but there, where the humble people with the hearths in the soil, on having seen you - instead of complaining - they were crying out: Fidel, Fidel, Fidel …! because - as now - they knew, they know, that they would never remain helpless.

From the highest of your people where you are, you never entrusted - we neither - in the flirtations of the imperial north for its sickly pretensions to curtail the freedom of Cuba, coarse or sophisticated recipes on a very old blockade that you taught us to deceive with ingenious popular will of inseparable unit from us and with our own efforts.

And tomorrow, Commander in Chief, when your people initiates the suffrages of the general elections 2017-2018, your vote: absent? it will multiply in more than eight million Cuban to consolidate the political system that you enriched every time with the leading role elector and chosen of the people that is governed for proper well-being.

There counted neighbors of the Electoral School No. 1 of the District Not. 13 in the Vedado, where you always expressed your vote, that you were coming early, and in an occasion, when it opened the polling station, there were persons waiting ahead, and although they wanted to transfer the first position to you, you refused, because you wanted to do it like the others, like your people.

And there is no good Cuban who does not have that multicolored image of your figure frozen in his mind extracting of the left olive-green pocket, of the heart, the Identity Card, the exchange with the members of the polling station, the ballot and the vote: when the pioneers on the unison said: he voted! and your anxious fingers of your hands, your hands, on the heads of the future caressed his touched hairs of white and blue, which the flag, of red triangle and the refulgent star that will never leave you, because it remains great for working.

This Sunday, more than half a million of Camagüey´s inhabitants with right to the suffrages will not fail you either: with you in the heart and for you, they will choose - without big drum or saucers electioneers - the most capable and of major merits, who will direct the Cuban socialistic Government in the first local instance, popular foundation that will be consolidated by renewed provincial assemblies and a diverse popular Parliament: with the Commander in Chief Fidel riding at the head.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez