CAMAGÜEY.- Irma touched with its destructive arm to the majestic vigilant of plume Coronado. Its cruelty fell with hatred on an unmistakable symbol of this small island of giants. Because of having short and fine roots, the winds laid down without much effort the owner of our fields. But the terrible hurricane neglected a detail in its wrecking plan; not by choice this goddess of maternal breast was born in the bosom of our Cuban identity, she knows how to be transformed into wheat and heart.

It always knew how to get by, from its height, to assist in the more earthly companies of its own. That is why the relationship of the Royal Palm with her people is not a matter of symbolism and formalities, fibers, fruit and stem from the founding years of settlers and creoles.

Hundreds of years later, bleeding from facing Irma, the obsequious to re-edit the story. These days, much to the amazement of all, it is reborn in all its splendor in a sort of homeland to protect its most needy children. Thousands of tables become home to those who believed lost their lives in the darkness of the early morning of 9 September 2017. The strange sprout is a cry clear: As long as, there are palm trees and Cuban fighters, Cubans will have Homeland.

 Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez