Photo: Otilio Rivero Delgado/AdelantePhoto: Otilio Rivero Delgado/AdelanteCAMAGÜEY.- She has the genes of her father, she is irreverent to life, rebellious, she calls a spade a spade. She preserves the Argentinian accent and has some physical resemblance to him. However, to Aleida Guevara March to be the daughter of Che only constitutes a challenge, a commitment to the life of her father, that´s why together with her mother, she has devoted part of her time to study him.

The conversation began with the role of young people in the Cuban society. Without thinking twice, as did her father, replied "This work is of young people, young people did it and you will have to continue it, in a situation more complex than our grandparents and our parents, because they are not going to be here to guide you and instruct you in the way; in addition, the enemy is right there, as close as 90 miles and we cannot be overconfident, as my dad said: 'to the imperialism not even a bit as this'.

"This, we recently check it when many thought that we could establish a relationship of respect with the United States, even the President came to tell us that we should forget the history and thought in the future. Now everything has changed and it is that beyond an administration, the empire as system will never forgive us that we stood up and showed the world a different way and worthy of living, that is why our destination no longer belongs to us, anything that we are going to do in Cuba, we must make it thinking that we are the alternative for the oppressed people of the world and we cannot let them down.

"To live another way, we have had to pay a high cost, and no one forgives us that dignity. This example is what they want to put an end to, that´s why now there is the war against Venezuela, because the streets of New York were asphalted with Venezuelan oil and that ended. They fear this example and the imperialists will always have feared it, precisely for this reason they killed my father, and so many others, because it is not convenient to them that there are rebel men able to face them.

"Little by little, the Cuban Revolution has shown that it can be done, and each time we give examples of heroism, at the height of my father and my uncle Fidel and of so many others, as is the example of the struggle with the Ebola outbreak in Africa. And, it is that we are a model of a different and higher man, looking for the new man that my dad dreamed about.

"No one can take away our tenderness, our strength to live, that´s why we need to take care of what we have and refine what can be improved, we are human and therefore we run the risk of making mistakes, but these mistakes we will solve them from within, without anyone to come and tell us what we should do. Those who stayed here, we have the right to solve our problems in our own way, and no one else has to mess with it. Nevertheless, to defend this right, we have to be stronger every day, and to propose solutions, more than to grieve about our difficulties.

"Che Guevara said that a youth that does not create is an anomaly, the young people with their fresh neurons may have solutions that the older ones do not have, and therefore you have to listen to them. However, to do this we need to give them more participation in the revolutionary process, a process that is made so that, step by step, the new generations continue building the socialism, being critical and constructive at the same time, criticize giving solutions. With the things that we don't understand we cannot remain silent, say them, not at the level of corridor, but using the power that we have as a people.

"The worst thing we can do is to capitulate, we cannot be indolent to wrongdoing. What is wrong needs to be said, as my dad did, this is the only way to be true revolutionaries. Camilo said that we could only lower our head to say to our brothers, the Revolution is made, your blood did not fall in vain, we would say then, brethren, the Revolution continues and we are going with her."

- How Aleida explaines that after 50 years the ideology of her father remains so strong?

- He was a man very consistent, always said what he thought and he did what he said, that coherence between thinking and doing is what has done that he endures in time, it is the task that you have also to ensure that the people follows you, as on the shoulders of the youth rests the responsibility to maintain this ideology based not so much on the one of the great personalities, but with the personal example. This is the only way that, in spite of the biological replacement, the revolutionary process continues.

- What is your message to those children who say daily that they are going to be like your father?

"I feel an immense joy, when I see the children salute the flag and say, 'We will be as the Che', the question is to know him more deeply, it is a debt that we have with him; make it a reality beyond the slogan and get to that model of the new man that he dreamed and exemplified with his life, in other words, to bring it more into practice.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez