There are men that the history and memory of the peoples and humanity endeavors to perpetuate, and one of them is the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz.

His passage through earthly life, the work that he forged, his advanced thinking, lucid, his ideas of the right to freedom, sovereignty and independence of the people against the policy of oppression and exploitation of capitalism, won him a place among those that time will not be able to delete with the mantle of oblivion, despite its inexorable course.

This August 13 if he were physically among us, he would be 91 years old, because in this date of the month of August 1928 he was born in Birán, current Cuban province of Holguín, located in the eastern region of the country.

From his childhood, qualified by a rebellion that would accompany him always, including his passing by the university youth and then along his revolutionary struggle, led him from military strategist to statesman of universal size.

Fidel was and will always be Fidel, for Cubans and for all men and women of the world who yearn to social justice, freedom, dignity, economic well-being.

To Cuba, a small archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, Fidel found it a high place on the international map, because he showed, by example, that the grain of the might of imperialism can forge a decent, sovereign, independent Nation, master of its own destiny and that it pays no homage to anyone.

Today, when we still have not accustomed to stop seeing him in any neighborhood, in an industry or in an agricultural unit, if we feel his presence in all we touch in the way we think and the way we conduct ourselves, because we are not the same as we were before he made it to our lives, but perhaps we do not perceive him, especially, those who were born after 1959.

Cuba changed since the triumph of the Revolution led by Fidel Castro a January 1st, 58 years ago and did so for the good of the Cuban people, but also a little for Latin America and the Caribbean and other peoples of the world who have felt in one way or another the internationalist solidarity that he knew instructing and scattered over several continents without asking for anything in return.

His departure for eternity on November 25, last year did nothing more than to put down roots in our memory and consciousness and that of the peoples that we will be able to turn to it when we need ideas for progress, encouragement for the struggle, to continue moving forward with optimism and absolute faith in the final victory.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez