The Helms-Burton is an absurd and illegal act

Miguel Diaz-Canel, Cuba´s President of the Councils of State and Ministers, described as absurd and illegal the Helms-Burton Act, which title III has been partially enforced as announced on Monday by the US Department of State.

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One million tourists have visited Cuba in 2019

Five days before the same previous period, Cuba reached this Monday one million tourists, said Manuel Marrero Cruz, Minister of Tourism, considered one of the sectors of the Cuban economy.

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Denounces Cuba Canadian media manipulation of Venezuela

Cuba rejected an article published by Canadian broadcaster CBC News on the alleged presence of Cuban military in the Venezuelan army, which it described as tendentious and manipulative.

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 The application of Heberprot-P in this province remained stable during the past 2018; however, as long as there is a significant number of diabetics requiring amputations from their lower limbs, experts agree, first in that prevention was not effective in avoiding ulcers on their feet, and second, if already suffering, the detection of these were not timely.

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Cuba publishes official figures of Constitutional referendum

The National Electoral Commission announced in this capital the official results of the constitutional referendum of last February 24 in which 6,816,169 citizens gave their approval to the new constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

WYM Group, S.A. became the first Québec-based company to establish itself in the Mariel Special Development Zone, for the production and marketing of tissue paper and cleaning products.

The exchange of Franco-Spanish journalist Ignacio Ramonet with colleagues from the territory will be one of the activities that will give prestige to the Conference of the Cuban Press in the province, from next March 4th to the 15th. Also president of Le Monde Diplomatique will present his book The Empire of Vigilance.

It happened a few days ago, but the joy grows by the Prize Excellencies 2018 conferred to the Railway Museum of Camagüey, a project of cultural revival that undertakes the Office of the Historian of this city.

Under the slogan "Reinforce your defense, immunize yourself. Vaccines work, " the 58th Polio Vaccination Campaign began.