Cane supply will decide sugar production in Camagüey

The sugar mills Siboney, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and Battle of Las Guásimas, they head the sugar fulfillment up to the date in the province; nevertheless, the instability in the harvest and the supply of cane commit an outrage against the industrial joint effort to exceed the due productive plans.

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El Real Salt Mine foresees fulfillment of its plans after 2018 ends

In spite of the delay in the salt production in one kilogram bags, the Salt mine El Real, in the Saint Lucia beach, hopes to culminate the year with the fulfillment of the plan, that overcomes 20 000 tons of the product.

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Entity of investigations of grains analyzes scientific results

The development of approximately 20 research projects and their generalization in the agricultural chore of the province, validate the selection of the Station of Investigations of Grains in Vertientes to begin the annual balance of the work of the scientific centers of the agrarian branch in Camagüey.

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  In solemn ceremony, held in the hall Nicolás Guillén of the Square of the Revolution Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, were laureates on Wednesday about 50 Camagüey´s teachers, as part of the celebration for the Day of the Educator.

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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla called on Monday night on U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to lift the blockade, reinstate visas for Cubans and end the repression of migrants, minorities and the poor.

With the objective to humanize the work of the producers of the cattle sector of this province, and to raise the quality of the milk, at present 64 systems of mechanical milking work in several municipalities of this territory.

The Secretary General of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Our America-People's Trade Treaty (alba-tcp), David Choquehuanca, announced the celebration of the 16th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the bloc next December 14 in Havana.

Camagüey’s reservoirs with favorable accumulated in current dry period

With the storage of 74 per cent of its entire volume, this province comes in favorable conditions to the current dry period, understood from November until April, and an accumulated of rains to 97 %, with regard to the annual historical average.

In Camagüey they extend Wi-Fi availability in hotels

With the incorporation this year of facility for the navigation in Internet by means of Wi-Fi in the hotels Camagüey and Colón, of this city, most of the facilities of this type in the province have this service, in public areas like the lobby and some bars, snack bars or recreational areas.