Technicians of SICA Examine Situation of Cuban Migrants

San Salvador.- Technical groups of the Central American Integration System (SICA, in Spanish) examine in this capital the situation of thousands of Cuban migrants who are stranded from mid-November on the border of Costa Rica.

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About 500 Children Die in Sub-Saharan Africa Due to Lack of Water

United Nations.- Lack of safe water, and sanitation and hygiene conditions kill daily about 500 children under five in Sub-Saharan Africa, the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF) noticed today. Read more ...

HAVANA, Cuba.- (acn) The accord signed by the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces and the government constitutes a new and significant step in the advancements of efforts for peace.

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Moscow.- Russian news media highlighted today that the discrepancies between the Kremlin and the White House on combating terrorism in Syria originate an information war with senior government figures as actors.

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Caracas.- Venezuela and Colombia today move towards the regularization of their common border, as part of agreements reached by the presidents Nicolás Maduro and Juan Manuel Santos last Monday in Quito, Ecuador.

United Nations.- Cuba's President, Raul Castro, complies today with an extensive program of activities in New York, where he will attend the UN General Assembly's plenary sessions, and hold talks with American and foreign personalities.

Kuwait City.- Cuba's Deputy Health Minister Alfredo González met in Kuwait City with his Kuwaiti counterpart Kaled Sagui and the country's Health Minister Ali Sad Al-Obaidi, with whom he explored new areas for strengthened health cooperation.

Buenos Aires.- The creativity of drug traffickers to smuggle cocaine to other countries continues to surprise authorities around the world, and in the latest most peculiar way to traffic the white powder was discovered in Argentina after police dogs sniffed the narcotic impregnated in rice.

La Paz.- The Confederation of Miners in the Bolivian department of Chuquisaca has joined the campaign for the re-election of President Evo Morales beyond the year 2020.