HAVANA.- (acn) Colombia’s National Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces guerrillas announced on Wednesday in Havanaa Final, Comprehensive and Definitive Peace Accord to end theover-50-year armed conflict and to build stable and long-lasting peace in Colombia.

In the presence of Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, the document was read by the representatives of Cuba and Norway as guarantor countries of the peace process, thus putting an end to discussions over the past four years in the Cuban capital.

The implementation of the Final Accord will definitively end an armed conflict that have lasted over 50 years, the document reads and adds that this agreement is being signed in tune with the free expressionof will by the two sides and with the intention of meeting everything agreed to.

The joint communiqué, read in Havana, encompasses all and every accord reached on the points of the agenda that was under discussion during the negotiations.

The Accord gives special attention to fundamental rights of the most vulnerable population sectors and those most affected by the armed conflict.

The two sides agreed that the implementation of the Final Accord will contribute to expand and deepen democracy in Colombia, since it will include the laying of weapons and the elimination of violence as a method for political action for all Colombians in order to promote democracy with full guarantees for those who participate  in politics.

The government and the guerrilla group thanked Venezuela and Chile for their accompanying of the peace negotiations.

The document was signed by the head of the government delegation Humberto de La Calle and by the head of the rebel delegation Commander Ivan Marquez and also by the representatives of Cuba and Norway.

But the official signing of the Final Accord will only take place after it has been approved by the Colombian people in a plebiscite announced by President Juan Manuel Santos for October 2.

In a speech from the Presidential Palace on Thursday and just after the Final Accord was  announced, Santos said “Today marks the beginning of the end of suffering, pain and the tragedy of war. We have reached an accord which, on any of its sides, is definitively better than keeping with this war that broke up families, devastated regions and inflicted horror…”

The President announced that he will send the document to the Colombian Congress to call the plebiscite for the people to decide the approval of the Final Accord.