The text specifies that the company informed the measure in writing to the Cuban mission through its Customer Service Office, because the company has been purchased by the U.S. company FedEx Corporation.

 The note adds that as a result of the above and "on the basis of established guidelines" (by the United States), TNT will not be able to receive orders from Cuba or from other countries under sanctions by

Cubaminrex points out that TNT does not recognize the antidote regulations in force in Austria and the European Union and applies extraterritorially U.S. blockade measures to Cuba.

 The Cuban Embassy to Austria denounces to the public opinion this action, which proves once again that the U.S. blockade against Cuba remains in force in all its magnitude and extraterritorial scope.

 The implementation of such measures against Cuba is illegal, both in the territory of Austria and of the European Union in general. The European Council adopted Regulation (EC) 2271/96 on November 22, 1996, "on the protection against the effects of the extraterritorial application adopted by a third country and against actions based on it or resulting from it." By virtue of this Regulation, the Austrian Parliament adopted Law 117/1997, on October 22, 1997.

It is inappropriate that despite the antidote laws; of the unanimous rejection of the European Union, of the World Trade Organization and of the United Nations of the policy of blockade against Cuba, there are still European companies that disregard these realities and accept the imposition of extraterritorial coercive measures affecting countries, legal entities and individuals.

 The Cuban Embassy adds that the courier services TNT offered to the diplomatic mission and that are now canceled were related to consular procedures.

 This decision by TNT affects the consular services the Cuban diplomatic mission gives Austrian, Croatian and Slovenian citizens, as well as the Cuban community in these countries.

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