The recent call made by former President Alvaro Uribe to promote a civil resistance movement against the agreements reached in Cuba by the Government and the FARC-EP has caused a wave of criticism among supporters of the process, lawmakers, left-wing leaders and spokesmen from the National Government.

According to the Minister OF Interior, Juan Fernando Cristo, Uribe and his  followers are preparing to ignore the results of the plebiscite, which is the mechanism provided by the executive to validate the agreements signed in the Cuban capital between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- People's army (FARC-EP) and the Government.

The President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, said today in London at the opening of a business meeting, that the end of the war in Colombia is near and doors will open to new business opportunities.

The Colombian President arrived yesterday in London to attend business talks entitled 'Colombia Inside Out ', and on Thursday will participate in the Anti-corruption Summit. At request of British Prime Minister David Cameron, Santos will chair one of the three main sessions of the event.

The Colombian President said that after five years of negotiations in Havana with the FARC-EP, the signing of a peace agreement will be achieved in the near future and this will change the perspectives of this South American country.

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