During a televised address last night from the town of Huajchilla, a suburban area of La Paz, the president said that there will be no change in the group of ministers, for 'we trust them all'.

Besides, he also offered details of the expanded cabinet meeting where holders, deputy ministers, managers and directors of strategic companies participated, and during which, among other topics, the results of the referendum of last Sunday were evaluated.

In addition, during his speech, Morales insisted that it is important to return again and again to the base, listen to the demands and proposals of social movements, workers and peasants.

He also reiterated that both internal and external aggressions 'will find the people's response', because 'this is a war of the empire against the Bolivian people'.

He said that in the coming days there will be more meetings of evaluation and analysis of projects with the government, social movements and national leaders of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS, in Spanish) and in the departments.

The objective, he said, is to continue the process of investment and resource allocation for more social and economic development works.

We are convinced that those with colonial mentality will never change, he said while calling the public to maintain unity to continue promoting the defense and industrialization of this nation.

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