During a meeting with Cuban ambassador Emilio Lozada, Ivanovo´s governor Pavel Konkov agreed to establish business exchange and expand bilateral commerce through the direct participation of that region.

The governor referred to areas such as textiles, the automotive and the chemical industry as those with greatest potential, though he also stressed the significance of cultural and humanitarian relations.

Konkov was also interested in having in his region clinical tests underway in other Russian regions concerning the Cuban diabetic foot ulcers pharmaceutical Heberprot-P.

He also favored the promotion of tourism to Cuba, which he described as a safe and high quality destination.

Cuban ambassador Emilio Lozada welcomed the initiative of sending a business mission to Cuba in the next two months and handed over to Konkov an invitation to the Havana International Trade Fair to take place in November.

Meanwhile, Ivanovo´s vice-governor Oleg Ptashkin suggested the support of the region´s authorities of an extension of the free-visa system in force for the two countries in order to favor business contacts and joint projects.

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