During a meeting with relatives of victims from violent demonstrations in 2014, leaving over 43 dead people and more than 800 wounded, the legislator said the 54 representatives of the Homeland block are facing from their seat within the legislative a strong battle of arguments to reject the initiative.

The first agreement of the draft bill was introduced yesterday in the National Assembly (AN) by rightwing legislator, Freddy Guevara, of Popular Will (Voluntad Popular), an organization led by Leopoldo Lopez, who is serving a 13-year sentence for being the main promoter of those extremist actions of the so-called plan, known as "La Salida," Rodriguez said.

He also called for reflection from the Parliament to do justice, so no politician, even fascist internally, can direct his political action in this way, he said.

Rodriguez also rejected the international interference making bodies, such as the Organization of American States (OAS), saying that there are no political prisoners in Venezuela.

"There are no political prisoners in Venezuela, there is no person in prison for thinking differently, they are people who have committed crimes," he said.

On the other side, the also GPP legislator, Tania Diaz, said the exhortation agreement to compliance with international resolutions approved yesterday by the opposition majority in the National Assembly, come before the proposed Law on Amnesty and National Reconciliation, as it is part of the strategies with which it is intended to clean up the sins of those who incited violent street actions that resulted in deaths.

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