In that context, the Colombian guerrillas yesterday reiterated its commitment to work as quickly as possible to reach a final peace agreement with the government of Santos.

In a statement read by spokesman Pastor Alape at the Conference Center in Havana, permanent venue for the talks, the FARC-EP expressed the determination to take the momentous pending discussions with concrete and feasible proposals.

Both delegations resumed talks this week in order to analyze issues related to the item End of the Conflict, after reaching in December 2015 partial consensus in issue referred to the victims of the armed conflict in that South American nation.

They will then discuss the implementation, verification and countersignature of a possible final agreement.

Since the beginning of the talks in Havana in November 2012, the two sides also approached positions in items, such as comprehensive rural reform, political participation, and fighting illegal drugs.

After recalling that there are still 42 pending exceptions, Alape stressed the importance of avoiding impositions that hinder the peace process.

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