According to the Salvadoran Foreign Minister Hugo Martínez, with this meeting they want to form a committee of experts of the area to review the 'legal bodies of each country' and find the best way to solve the issue of these Caribbean people.

With this technical meeting, the SICA will address for the second time the situation of around 5,000 Cubans who are still in the Costa Rican border, intending to reach the United States.

These people undertook the journey encouraged by Washington's policies like the Parole program for doctors and the Cuban Adjustment Act, among others, that encourage illegal emigration.

Cuban authorities maintain permanent contact with the governments of the countries involved to find a quick and appropriate solution that takes into consideration the welfare of its citizens, and they commited to a legal, safe and orderly migration.

Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís, suspended on Friday the granting of visas to those who arrive in the country from today, and warned he will repatriate those arriving illegally.

He also announced the withdraw of San José of the political mechanisms of SICA, because the block did not agree on any collective agreement on the issue of Cubans during the presidential summit that took place on Friday in this capital.

However, Solís noted that the decision does not imply leaving the regional economic, commercial or technical body.

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