According to a press release from the agency, about 180,000 annual deaths of children in one of the poorest regions of the world are mainly by diarrhea and other diseases related to the problems of access to water.

"The daily death of children and the impact on millions in a so battered economically area, cannot be treated as something usual," UNICEF Regional Director for West and Central Africa, Manuel Fontaine, warned.

The official called to speed up all programs underway for Sub-Saharan Africa.

According to UN data, almost half of human beings struck by the lack of access to improved water sources are living in that region, where the population doubled in the last 25 years.

Without urgent actions, the situation could worsen in the coming two decades, UNICEF said.

The Fund stated as a great difficulty the 700 million people who lack health conditions and the notable increase compared with 1990, of those who defecate at open air,a very related stage to the effects on health.

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