Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recommended on channel 24 to ignore the comments of the Department of Defense about the air strikes initiated on Wednesday by aircraft of the Russian Air Forces against logistics centers of the Islamic State (IS).

Thus the Minister of Foreign Affairs went up against an earlier statement by Pentagon chief Ashton Carter, who said that Russian aircraft bombed areas with no presence of members of the IS.

For his part, the Kremlin press advisor, Dmitri Peskov, urged today to perceive carefully all the satements regarding the use of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria in the face of the avalanche of distorted, biased and false information.

According to the spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, it is necessary to find the mechanisms to coordinate information that the president has mentioned repeatedly.

He recalled that these mechanisms work, and insisted that "we must not become victims of such manipulated information."

Referring to the concern of Saudi Arabia for the entry into action of Russian aviation in Syria, that allegedly appeared in the press, the spokesman said that nothing has been found to prove it.

On the air strikes of the Russian aviation against the Islamic State (IS), Peskov said they are determined "in coordination with the armed forces of Syria," according to the news agency Novosti.

The adviser to President Putin reaffirmed that Russia supports the Syrian Army in the fight against the Islamic State and other organizations which he described as "extremists" and "terrorists".

According to the Defense Ministry, the Russian pilots did not attack the infrastructure and neighborhoods inhabited by civilians.

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