As a result of this meeting, economy and defense authorities from both countries, headed by the Venezuelan foreign minister, Delcy Rodríguez, and Colombian, María Angela Holguín, met in Caracas yesterday.

The first binational work session concluded after 16:00 local time, and it was attended by Vice president for the Economic Area, Rodolfo Marco Torres; Ministers of Oil and Mining, Eulogio del Pino; Defense Vladimir Padrino López; Commerce, Isabel Delgado; and Food, Carlos Osorio representing the Venezuelan side.

Governors of the border states of Táchira (west), José Vielma, and Zulia (northwest), Francisco Arias were also present.

From Colombia attended the Defense ministers, Luis Carlos Villegas; Finance, Mauricio Cárdenas; Mines and Energy, Tomás González; the president of the Colombian Petroleum Company, Juan Carlos Echeverry; and the head of the Directorate of National Taxes and Customs, Santiago Rojas.

The working day was negotiated in order to take the first steps jointly in order to eradicate phenomena such as smuggling and paramilitarism from the boundary region.

Maduro and Santos stated that the whole process of shaping strategies will be based on respect and adherence to international law.

Both agree that the intention is to build a common program to find solutions to problems in the border region and promote good neighborliness and development.

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