The deputy noted in his TV program, broadcasted on Wednesday night by Venezolana de Television, the American company intends to deliver the mentioned group a recognition as human rights activist.

Cabello declared that the USA wants to reward the NGOs for allegedly defending 'the rule of law and respect for human rights' during demonstrations of violence (called guarimbas), which took place early last year, and that Americans are unaware of the link the NGO has with the protests and the people encouraging the making of guarimbas.

The organization was initially offering free legal services to the detainees and then charge them in dollars, on the grounds of the difficulty of the case, he said.

Of course, the organization never defended the human rights of the victims of guarimbas (43 dead and over 800 wounded), of those motorized beheaded, the police, the military and youth injured because of the violence by the Venezuelan extreme right, he added .

Also, the President of the National Assembly said that the local right, backed by foreign parties and organizations does not hesitate to participate in forums abroad and to lie about the Venezuelan reality.

In this regard, he claimed that opposition representatives attended in the city of Guanajuato, Mexico to a forum organized to make a presentation on the situation of Venezuela and the future commission of irregularities in the legislative elections of next December 6.

The meeting had the attendance of former presidents Andrés Pastrana (Colombia) and Felipe Calderon (Mexico), who insist on getting involved in Venezuela's internal political affairs, said Cabello.

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