According to the agenda, issues like financial, economic and commercial blockade against Cuba, medical collaboration and an update of the socialist model on the Caribbean island will be treated in an auditorium of the Faculty of Management Science of Pernambuco, in Recife.

The closure of the US military base at Guantánamo Bay and return to the Greater Antilles that part of its territory is included in the first part of this session.

Prior to these discussions will be inaugurated two exhibitions: one of paintings called 'Welcome', of Pernambuco painter Helder Beserra, concerning the return to his country of five Cubans who were imprisoned in the United States.

The other is a philatelic exhibition of Maria das Gracas Silva Oliveira, reflecting the history of the struggle of the Cuban people through stamps.

The 22 National Convention began last night in the city of Olinda, adjacent to Recife, with a wide participation of representatives of political parties, social, cultural and student groups Brazilians.

Delegates from almost all Brazilian states and members of a wide variety of groups filled one of the auditoriums of the Association of Higher Education of Olinda during the opening ceremony.

The Cuban ambassador to Brazil, Marielena Ruiz Capote, highlighted the expansion in this territory of friendship groups with the island, which she said led to reach this agreement with a larger unit.

Ruiz stressed in this regard the presence of doctors from Cuba in nearly four thousand Brazilian municipalities, which has allowed these people know more about the reality of their country.

She highlighted this appointment comes at a very special moment, after the release of five Cubans imprisoned in US jails, a victory for the people of the Caribbean island and international solidarity, she said.

On behalf of her government, the five and their families the Cuban ambassador thanked the dedication and effort of all in this battle for the release of these antiterrorism.

In a reference to the talks between the US and Cuba to restore diplomatic relations, she noted that there has been progress in the dialogue between the parties.

However, Ruiz made clear that there can be no normalization of bilateral ties without lifting the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba.

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