Francesco Gravina discoursed upon the experience that is carried out in San Pedro de Marcorís

Francesco Gravina discoursed upon the experience that is carried out in San Pedro de Marcorís

Camagüey.- The ninth edition of the international symposium of heritage cities, carried out in the Center of Conventions Santa Cecilia, under the premise: Tourism as development factor (El turismo como factor de desarrollo), after three days of intense works, wraped up with the balance of many teachings, but with the essential one that the care of the tangible and intangible patrimony is a responsibility of all the members of the society.

On the previous thing there spoke the Dr.Sc. Lourdes Gómez Consuegra in the penultimate lecture of the wide program of scientific activities, entitled: The tourist development in the area Cultural Heritage of Humanity. She noticed with solid arguments the potentialities of the once Villa Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe in buildings of high architectural value and the actions developed for the road and pedestrian rearranging and the progress in the complementary services.

In this sense the most benefited networks are accommodation, which from 2007 until 2014 grew the double, culture, commerce, gastronomy and services with a positive restructuring in the use of the soil, she said.

There was a consensus in which the principal actors to materialize the current and future projections are present at the event, not to discovered there the insufficiencies, which in fact, must be ventilated in other stages, but for, among others aspects, raise the accommodation standards and reinforce the quality of the night cultural life, the animation and everything that has to do with the recreation, the esthetic and the hygiene of the city.

In the same closing gala ceremony day, the architect Yosmel Díaz Pérez spoke on the rehabilitation of the patrimony and tourism in the historical center of Camagüey. New works and achievements, while the program was closed with the lecture of Francesco Gravina, from Italy, and director of the school of architecture in Dominican Republic about the Rescue of the Cultural Heritage of San Pedro de Marcorís, Santo Domingo.

After reading the summary of the work of the three committees that analyzed 17 papers on the economic value of the cultural heritage, sustainability, development and tourism management, among others, was presented the announcement for 2016.

On having closed the event, Maria Isabel Carnenates Bringa, Director of the Main Plan and president of the scientific committee of the symposium, said that the next meet will be dedicated to the environmental dimension in the conservation of the cultural heritage.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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