President ofAssociation of National Olympic Committees is in Cuba

HAVANA,Cuba.-(acn) His Royal Highness Prince Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, president of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC), praised the development of Cuban sport and appreciated the possibility of being on the island.

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Havana.- Cuban President Raul Castro is chairing the main event on International Workers' Day, being held at Havana's Revolution Square on Sunday.

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Cuban government lowers prices of household products

Havana, Cuba, (acn) The Cuban government announced the lowering of a group of household products selling and hard-currency shops in an effort to increase the purchasing power of the local currency, the peso, and in tune with the report to the 7th Communist Party Congress, which reads the salaries and pensions are still low to meet the basic needs of Cuban families.

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Cuban workers gear up for massive May Day March

Havana, Cuba, (acn) Cuban workers throughout the island prepare massive mobilizations in support of the accords reached by the recent 7th Congress of the Communist Party as all  unions and the non-state sector get ready to stage huge marches on May Day.

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Havana, Cuba.- (acn) Army General Raul Castro, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, presented today in this capital the 17 members of the Political Bureau and the Secretariat of the PCC.

HAVANA, Cuba.-(acn) The Cuban Foreign Ministry issued a statement in support of the legitimate government led by Brazil´s Workers Party and President Dilma Rousseff.

HAVANA, Cuba.- (acn) The documents emanating from the 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) will be subject to democratic analysis in order to enrich them and improve them, stated Army General Raul Castro, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the PCC and President of the councils of State and Ministers.

Havana, Cuba.- (acn) Army General Raul Castro, First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), ratified on Saturday the socialist nature of the Cuban Revolution while reading the main report to the Seventh Congress of the organization.

Raul Castro: Cuba Steady on its Feet

Plan to Conceptualize Cuban Economic and Social Model Submitted

Economic and Social Guidelines 2016-2021 under Discussion in Cuba

Havana, Cuba, (acn) Barbados´ Bank Breweries Limited will soon begin exporting nearly one million boxes of beer to Cuba, where the local demand has surpassed production capacity following the increase of tourism and private businesses.