HAVANA.- (ACN) On his May Day speech, Ulises Gilarte, secretary-general of the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC) expressed Cuba´s unfaltering support of the Venezuelan Revolution, led by President Nicolas Maduro.

At the Jose Marti Revolution Square, where hundreds of thousands of Cubans marched on the workers´ day, Gilarte also demanded the immediate lifting of the over 50 year long US blockade of Cuba.

The Cuban leader said there is a very complex international situation and the challenges and dangers for Latin America and the Caribbean are growing, therefore more unity among our peoples is needed.

He said Cuba supports the government of Maduro in its fight to defend Venezuela’s sovereignty, independence and the genuine values of the Bolivarian Revolution.

He added Cuba also supports workers from all over the world in their fight against capitalism and their claims for better social and labor rights. He thanked union leaders from all continents that came to Cuba to show their
solidarity with Cuba on this especial date.

Cuba will never give up on its ideals of independence and social justice, because we have earned this sovereign right with great sacrifices, Gilarte said.