HAVANA.- (ACN) Workers from the Industrial Enterprise for Informatics, Communications and Electronics (GEDEME), in Havana, prioritize the quality control in the assembly of laptops and tablets.

This strategy is vital in order to guarantee the performance of the equipment that combines raw materials from the People's Republic of China, a nation with which projects are developed to insert new products for the economy in Cuba.

Yolanda Domínguez Llanes, specialist in Quality Management in that entity belonging to the Electronics Business Group of the Ministry of Industry, told Cuban News Agency that Cuba begins to evaluate the established parameters for the equipment, general aspects and their operation.

She explained that the eight- and 10-inch tablets and the armed laptops are reviewed in their entirety and a sample of the production batch is evaluated by the Quality Assurance Services Company of the Ministry of Communications,  which certifies their quality and the merchandise for marketing to the entities and bodies of the Central Administration of the State.

In the production line there is also a control that checks, in the operators' own posts, any anomalies that may occur in their packaging.

If difficulties are detected the error is corrected and preventive measures are taken so that it does not happen again, said the specialist.

The state-of-the-art hybrid line installed in the company can form 120,000 units of Core i3, Celeron and Core i5 laptops annually, and all sixth generation.

This project responds to the will of the Cuban State to continue expanding the secure computerization of society.

Until last Friday Gedeme assembled 3,500 laptops and 3,583 tablets.