HAVANA.- (ACN) Cuba will send an emergency medical brigade to Peru after heavy rains have affected different areas of that nation over the past few weeks.

The Cuban embassy offered the Peruvian Foreign Ministry a medical brigade specialized in disaster and epidemic situations, which is part of the international Henry Reeve contingent. The medical personnel would assist Peruvians for a month and would take medications and other resources to assist thousands of people affected by the natural event.

The specialists are now ready to fly on a charter plane as soon as Peruvian authorities authorize their arrival, according to a report sent in by the Cuban embassy and cited by Telesur TV.

The report also extends sympathies for the victims of the phenomenon. This would not be the first time that Cuba offers Peru its assistance and support in a disaster situation. Cubans helped their Peruvian sisters and brothers in the aftermath of the May 1970 earthquake and later in August 2007.

Cuban President Raul Castro sent his counterpart Pedro Pablo Kuczynski a message of condolences for the human and material damage inflicted by the heavy rains, which have affected the South American nation since last December.

Reports talk of some 90 deaths, 20 disappeared persons and 120 890 affected citizens under the rains and floods caused by the phenomena, which also caused infrastructure damage and the collapse of thousands of homes.