HAVANA.- (ACN) Cuban and French authorities signed Thursday in Havana a memo of understanding on comprehensive and sustainable water management.

The MOU was penned during the International Water Conference “Cubagua 2017” by the first vice-president of the Cuban Water Resources Institute, Abel Salas and by the general directors of the International Water Office and the Adour-Garonne Water Agency, Jean-Francois Donzier and Laurent Bergeot.

The document aims at fostering technical and methodological cooperation in water management. The MOU also offers support to the National Council of Fresh Water Basins, particularly the management and good use the Almendares-Vento water source, in Havana.

The memo also aims at the exchange of data and experience focusing on basin-management councils, participatory management and environmental education, while it also includes technical visits in both countries.

Experts and entrepreneurs in the water resources sector from 18 nations are debating till Friday at the Havana international conference a series of issues related to water management.The meeting also includes the display of advanced technology in the sector.

The conference, which focuses on the challenged posed on water resources by climate change, is being sponsored by the Cuban Water Resources Institute and the Engineers´ Society with the Cuban Association of Architects and Engineers.