HAVANA, CUBA (ACN) The Cuban government will invest some 189 million pesos in the food industry to revive the production of meats, dairy and canned food, of great importance to cover people´s staples.

Deputy Minister of the Food Industry Yanoski Calderín told that some of those monies will be used to finish several 2016 projects, and that the main goal is to invest in those products Cuba imports.

Calderin announced that next April, a cold store unit in Mayabeque province that will increase the refrigeration capacity of this area mainly for the meat industry.

He also spoke of the investment on the shrimp production, with heavy investments to update technology all over the productive chain. Cuba also bought 30 bakery modules, 15 of them for communities.

Caridad Lopez, director of Development at the Ministry, said the Cuban government has allocated over 400 million pesos for new investments and 244 million for repairs. These resources were used to buy equipment to produce milk containers, engines for collecting trucks, coffee processing facilities and others.

Despite all these efforts there are still problems like the insufficient production of several items, lack of diversity to meet the demand, and inefficiency to take food to the consumers in time and with the required quality.