HAVANA.- (PL) President of the University Student Federation (FEU), Jennifer Bello, highlighted the essential role of young people in the military parade and the march to take pace in this capital on January 2.

In exclusive statements to the local television, the student leader asserted that the new generations would participate, motivated by their commitment to the legacy of the historic generation of the revolution.

The military parade and 'march of the struggling people' at the Revolution Square, will be dedicated to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and the 60th anniversary of the disembarkation of the yacht Granma and of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR).

Besides the 58th anniversary of the victory of the Revolution, young people, who were described by Bello as courageous and able to play key roles in important processes, will also be honored.

Actually, we are going to be deployed in every part of the parade and march, not only with our participation in bloc shaped by young people, but also we are going to have representations among the combatants, military officers, every teaching institution, the FAR, the Interior Ministry and the workers,said Bello, who is also member of the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee.

She also explained that more than 300 pioneer students will open the march, accompanying a replica of the yacht Granma, and another bloc of more than 50,000 young people from this capital and the western provinces Artemisa and Mayabeque will close it.