HAVANA.- (ACN) The Attorney General of Vietnam´s People´s Supreme Court Le Minh Tri is heading an official delegation to Havana aimed at strengthening cooperation ties with their Cuban counterparts.

In an ACN exclusive interview Minh Tri recalled that both nations are united by history and his visit to Cuba is to solidify the advances with a memorandum of understanding signed between both legal institutions in 2013 and the cooperation agreements for the 2016-16 period.

He added that Cuban and Vietnamese courts share the same point of views in important sectors and that is why both sides support each other in international fórums.

Minh Tri pointed out that during his visit to Havana, both sides signed cooperation agreements that will allow mutual development of prosecutors and an exchange in issues like computer science and transnational crimes, drug trafficking, drugs and corruption among others.

Marlen Fernandez Machado, Deputy Prosecutor of the Attorney of the Republic of Cuba highly praised the growing ties between the state institutions and assured that the agreements signed regulate the activities effective during the 2017/18 period and will lead to major confrontation to the traditional  crimes or any new that could arise.

As part of the activities, the Vietnamese General Attorney placed on Tuesday a floral wreath before the Jose Marti Memorial in Havana’s Revolution Square.

The Vietnamese delegation also visited the Memorial dedicated to the Cuban National Hero and learned important aspects of the life and work of the independence leader.

The Vietnamese delegation arrived to Cuba last December 4th and will remain on the island until Friday.

Cuban Fernandez Machado headed a delegation to Vietnam and China last June to strengthen ties with both countries.