HAVANA.- (ACN) The World condemned on Wednesday at the United  Nations, for the 25th occasion, the economic, commercial and financial  blockade of the United States against Cuba, while the abstention of the U.S.  government was unprecedented. 

With the positive vote of 191 countries, the Resolution “Need to put an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States of America” was approved. 

Israel abstained together with the United States, as convincing proof of the generalized and permanent condemnation to that criminal measure, and voting took place shortly after Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez presented the corresponding Resolution at the 71st Ordinary Period of Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly and representatives of several nations demanded the end of this economic siege. 

The U.S. vote is consistent with the current process towards the normalization of bonds between Havana and Washington, started on December 17, 2014. 

The stance of the government of Barack Obama with respect to the blockade against Cuba takes place a few days after the Presidential Policy Directive toward Cuba, a document that has some positive elements but the contents of which is in essence of interference.