HAVANA.- (ACN) Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro received Sunday afternoon Li Keqiang, Primer Minister of the People´s Republic of China, who is on an officialvisit to Cuba.

According to Granma newspaper, during the friendly meeting, the visitor expressed his satisfaction for his first visit to Cuba, the admiration he feels for the Cuban people´s patriotism and praised their achievements in many fields.

Fidel and Li Keqiang spoke of the historical relations between the two peoples, marked by the participation of Chinese fighters in the Cuban independence wars against Spain, and the establishment of diplomatic relations some fifty years ago, before the proclamation of the Socialist character of the Cuban Revolution.

Both leaders agreed on their assessment of the international situation, its complexities, its dangers and challenges and the need to preserve peace.

They said this visit will strengthen the cooperation and friendship between the two Parties, governments and peoples.

Fidel, who studies the dangers the world is facing due to the infamous economic order established by the United States, told the Chinese Premier his points of view, and added that China, after having achieved a remarkable economic and social development has as its main task to work on friendship and peace, led by President Xi  Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang.