HAVANA.- (ACN) The blockade continues to cause damages and privations to the Cuban people and continues to hinder the development of the economy and its relations with other countries, pointed out Cuban Foreign Minister (FM) Bruno Rodriguez at the annual debate of the United Nations General Assembly, Prensa Latina reported.

In spite of the attempt of rapprochement between Cuba and the United States and the resumption of their diplomatic relations, the Caribbean island denounced at the UN the validity of the U.S blockade against Cuba for more than half a century now.

According to the Minster of Foreign Affairs, progress in bilateral rapprochement is notable with regard to diplomacy and dialogue, which has been reflected in several agreements and top level visits between the two countries. 

However, Rodriguez specified that the measures executed by Barack Obama and his administration to modify the implementation of the blockade, although positive, are still not enough. 

In this regard, the Cuban FM said that as long as the blockade against Cuba exists, the Caribbean nation will continue to present at the UN General Assembly the draft resolution (categorically supported by the international 
community since 1992) demanding its end.

Once again, Bruno Rodriguez expressed the willingness of Havana to continue carrying out respectful talks with Washington, and admitted that there still many things to do in order to achieve full normalization of relations.