In recent statements to reporters, Salvadorian foreign minister Hugo Martinez said that the Cubans will be received at the Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo international airport, 45 kilometers from the capital San Salvador, by a multidisciplinary team that includes specialists in migration and health.

The flight is expected to arrive about 00:00 hours Wednesday and the Cubans will be transferred in buses to the border with Guatemalan, where authorities will take them to Mexico.

The foreign minister said that the US Cuban adjustment act imposes a double standard which distorts migration and encourages this situation that faced Costa Rica, the minister said.

The act encourages illegal migration from Cuba to the U.S. as it guarantees privileges only to Cubans who can make it to US territory.

Martinez said that El Salvador has considered the US policy as discriminatory since it denies such benefits to other migrants.

Since last November, the Costa Rican government issued special temporary visas to thousands of Cubans who legally travelled outside the island and now try to irregularly reach US territory on a corridor that runs through several Central American countries and Mexico.

The pilot plan will not cost El Salvador a single cent, said the minister, since the migrants are paying part of the cost and the rest is being financed by the International Organization for Migrations.

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