HAVANA.- Modifications to laws governing self-employment come into effect this Friday in Cuba, as part of the policy to improve the legal framework under which 13 percent of the Cuban workforce performs.

Workers covered by this form of management or who wish to join it can go to the processing offices to begin the process of applying for licenses, in accordance with the provisions of the rules approved in June of this year, which were modified this Wednesday.

In June of this year the reorganization measures were approved aimed at avoiding legislative dispersion, increasing control to avoid illegalities and tax evasion and reorder the number of activities and their scope, which, after the discussion process with the self-employed workers were subjected to modifications for greater precision and to respond to the criticisms made.

Among the new modifications introduced are the authorizations to carry out more than one activity, eliminating the limit of 50 capacities for gastronomic services, reducing to two monthly installments the minimum balance required in the business accounts and increasing up to 35 percent the amount in cash that can be retained as a fund in such accounts.

This Friday also open again the authorizations for 26 activities that were frozen, with the exception of the computer equipment programmer, until its scope and characteristics are not specified in the policy that the Ministry of Communications develops in this regard.

During the radio and television Round Table, last Wednesday, authorities of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security reaffirmed that the changes do not mean setbacks, but part of a process of improvement in order to eradicate deviations that have arisen in its exercise.

Some 588,000 people are currently self-employed in Cuba, a modality that constitutes an important complement to the Cuban economy since it boosts employment and services.