HAVANA.- The General Director of the US Division of the Cuban Foreign Ministry Carlos Fernandez de Cossio characterizes an article published by NBC in which it accuses Russia for the alleged incidents against US diplomats in Havana as ill-intended and without any basis.

Through his Twitter account, the Cuban diplomat says he does not understand why a US media outlet would play into a dangerous game with insinuations of conspiracies of third countries in Cuba, without evidence or basis, quoting nameless sources and making up schemes.

“No diplomat is attacked in Cuba, of no country or at any country”, said Fernandez de Cossio who recalled that the detailed investigations of Cuban institutions and US agencies ruled out the use of any type of weapons against US diplomats.

Despite the repercussion it has had in the media outlets, the article does not give evidence of its reports and the State Department itself through its spokesperson Heather Nauert pointed out that the investigation continues and no one has been blamed.

Investigations on the health incidents began in 2016 reported by US diplomats in Havana, where experts of several nations have not found any evidence that prove its causes and many even doubt the incidents ever happened.

However, the Republican administration opted in reducing its diplomatic personnel on the island and increase actions that deteriorate relations between both nations after the reestablishment of the normalization process on December of 2014.