HAVANA. - The economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States to Cuba is responsible for affectations to the system of Health of the island superior to two thousand 500 million dollars in almost 60 years.

 This way it indicates the annual report prepared by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which covers specially the period from April 2017 until March 2018 and endorses a project of resolution proposed by Cuba to the General Assembly of the United Nations on the need to finish the American encirclement.

 In accordance with the document, the serious damages in the Cuban Health system because of the blockade stem from the difficulties to acquire medicines, reagents, set of instruments, spare parts for medical equipment and other inputs necessary for the functioning of the sector.

 Everything previous owes to be obtained on remote markets and, frequently, with the intermediaries' use, what provokes the increase of the prices.

 Also, there is added the suffering and the desperation of patients and relatives on not having had the suitable medicine for the treatment of an illness or to save a life, pain that turns out to be unquantifiable, it aims at the text.

 According to the report, in the analyzed period the importer Cuban company and exporter of medical products MediCuba S.A. did requests to more than 30 American companies for the inputs acquisition, nevertheless, only the answers of two were received, Agilent and Cook Medical. Both pointed out that due to the regulations of the blockade they could not sell any medicine to Cuba.

 Between the required sensitive products they were representing the medicine named Temozolamide, which constitutes the first line of chemotherapeuticprocedurefor malignant cerebral tumors, and the antibody monoclonal EvolucumabRepatha, the first biological medicine used for the treatment of the cholesterol raised in patients of high and very high cardiovascular risk.

Additionally, the regression experienced on the bilateral relations has limited the academic and scientific exchange of the professionals and Cuban and American technical staff of the health.

 Nevertheless, thanks to the importance granted by the Cuban State to the public health, the country exhibits turned out in this ambience comparable with those of many developed nations. The free medical attention to the whole population is an inviolable beginning of the Government of the island.

On future October 31 the General Assembly of the UNO will vote for the twenty and seventh year in a row for a project of resolution that claims the cessation of the American blockade against Cuba.

 From 1992, the initiative has had a majority support in the principal deliberative organ of the United Nations.

 In the last three occasions, 191 of 193 member states of the UNO supported the project. The voting of alone 2017 registered the opposition of the United States and Israel.