HAVANA. - The information from which Cuba received until now three millions of foreign visitors, undoubtedly attracts today the attention of tour-operators and travel agents who consider to this island an essential stage to vacation.

This report of this Thursday, spread by the Department of the Tourism insular (Mintur), corroborates the recent opinions of experts who consider a recovery of this industry of the trips despite recognized descents opportunely.

The cyclones dashing at the end of 2017, the campaigns against the island and other particulars in abundance known by those who are employed at the above mentioned sector, cut the numbers away in its moment for a tourism that despite it stays extremely dynamic.

In this opportunity, the Mintur pointed out that the archipelago received three million international visitors in what it goes of year and projects better results for the next winter period (November - April).

They insisted that the arrivals continued the uptrend in 2018 despite the campaigns organized and directed by the government of the United States for underestimate the flow of North American visitors towards this archipelago.

And as list of principal markets, they mention Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

But of what it is a question it is of certain extracts that they support more than afloat to the Cuban tourism, as it is the case of the security of the public from crime, the kindness as for beauties and environmental protection, the infrastructure and, especially, the people.

Most of the surveys certify the taste among the visitors of five continents, that the first thing in their answers is the amiability of the Cuban, and the quality in increase of the services.

Already during the past 38 International Fair of Tourism of Cuba (FITCuba 2018) held in May in the keys of the center of the island, the authorities spread a fair amount of information that sustain the hope of increasing spiral in this sector.

The Cuban hotel plant consists in these moments of 69 thousand 41 rooms, with 63 per cent of facilities of four and five stars, and 74 per cent they are in beaches.

In Cuba, 110 thousand 416 persons work in the tourism, of that a 41.2 per cent are women, and 48 per cent personnel younger than 45 years of age.

The previous year the island attended to four million 689 thousand 896 foreign visitors, for 11.6 per cent of rise, although in the first eight months of this year the increase was 26 per cent, but the scourge of the hurricane Irma in September reduced the step.

In this island, 17 companies of cruises with 25 ships operate, and in the first trimester of 2018 they appreciated a rise of 28.6 per cent in this form.

And 70 airlines from 73 important cities of the world flight to Cuba, 27 mixed enterprises exist, with more than five thousand hotel rooms, and 21 hotel managements, when in plan four mixed companies appear for real estate agencies and golf courses.

For the others, an investments portfolio exists with 140 projects, and there join two thousand 152 private restaurants and 23 thousand 185 rooms in cheap hotels, all under the patronage of the Mintur. Undoubtedly that all these numbers speak for themselves.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez