CIENFUEGOS.- The oldest Cuban woman, among the oldest people in the world, María Emilia Quesada Blanco, died in this city at the age of 117 years and 172 days and will be buried today in the local cemetery.

According to the Cinco de Septiembre digital site, María Emilia had no symptoms of any illness, but she slowly lost her abilities, but not her lucidity.

The weekly indicated that she left slowly, surrounded by the affection and care that the multiple nephews professed to her, with whom she lived the last decades of her long life.

Born on January 5, 1901, she maintained the good mood and eating habits she established in her long and healthy existence.

The charitable work of this woman, who is closely linked to her religious faith, was summed up in an interview with several media outlets where she said that she always prayed for peace, tranquility, solidarity and an end to wars.

In March 2017, Wikipedia updated the list of centenarians and named her among the four oldest persons in the world, after Emma Morano of Italy, Violet Brown of Jamaica and Nabi Tajima of Japan.