HAVANA.- The Cuban Institute of Meteorology announced the formation of the subtropical storm Alberto.

During this morning the area of low pressure over the northwest of the Caribbean Sea continued to gain in organization, reaching maximum sustained winds of up to 65 kilometers per hour, with higher gusts, which has formed the first subtropical storm, named Alberto, being an extemporaneous organism.

The most important thing for Cuba at the moment is the evolution of the cloudy and rainy areas that accompany this subtropical storm and that are located far away and east of the center of circulation, which will affect the western region of Cuba, and may be strong and intense in some localities, mainly in the Isle of Youth and Pinar del Río province.

Due to the proximity to western Cuba and the structure of this subtropical storm Alberto, with the cloudy bands of clouds far away of the center, the strength of the winds and the height of the waves will increase as it moves in a course close to the north along the near the Yucatan Canal.

At eleven o'clock this morning the center of the subtropical storm Alberto was estimated at 19.7 degrees North latitude and 86.8 degrees West longitude, a position that places it about 90 kilometers south of the island of Cozumel, Mexico and about 315 kilometers southwest of San Antonio cape, Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

This subtropical storm has a central pressure of 1005 hectoPascal and moves slowly north-northeast at about 9 kilometers per hour.

In the next 12 to 24 hours Alberto, will continue with little change in the organization, maintaining the same course and speed of translation, and will cross to the north tonight near the eastern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The next tropical cyclone warning about subtropical storm Alberto will be broadcast at six o'clock this afternoon.