GENEVA.- Cuba’s Health Minister Roberto Morales Ojeda met on Tuesday in Geneva with counterparts from other countries to strengthen relations and promote medical cooperation projects.

Morales, who is participating in the 71st World Health Assembly, told that the meetings have allowed reviewing the agreements taken at the Cuba-Health 2018 Convention and the projects generated at the Health for All Trade Fair held in Havana last month.

During the second day of sessions, Morales Ojeda said that an Action Plan with China was signed during the exchanges and a technical team was created for its implementation as a follow-up to the memorandum of understanding.

The Cuban Health Minister also exchanged with the Cabinet Secretary of the Health Ministry of the Republic of Kenya who said that the agreements adopted in Cuba-Health 2018 was being executed in his country and the conditions to receive the first 100 Cuban doctors in June are ready.

The Directive confirmed the importance of the contingent that will support the African nation in medical assistance and tutoring the young Kenyan doctors.
Another step taken in bilateral relations was the selection of 50 students that will study at the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana.

He emphasized that there are a number of research programs that will have the aid of excellent Cuban professionals related with the fight of diabetes, HIV/Aids Treatment and the request of a product for the management of illnesses like malaria.

The political and administrative will coincide in supporting cooperation relations in the health sector between Cuba and Kenya conscious that the project will help save lives, said the leader.

The 71st World Health Assembly, held from the 21st to the 26th, is a follow-up of the issue of universal health coverage aimed at accelerating programs and projects that will allow a response to Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.