HAVANA.- The three sole survivors of the May 18 Havana’s plane crash where 110 people died, are in extreme critical condition after 72 hours at the Calixto Garcia Hospital in this capital city.

Dr. Carlos Alberto Martínez Blanco, director of the institution, said that all three present a risk of complications, given the way in which the injuries occurred.

The medical team that treats them carries out all the necessary actions to achieve the reversibility of the injuries, which has allowed them to keep them alive, despite the major trauma and the multiple damages they suffered, he said.

Maylén Díaz continues to be intubated and ventilated and with a better hemodynamic balance, even with the support of medications to maintain blood pressure and heart rate, as well as a correct rhythm of urine, he said.

So far, Diaz has some neurological gain, with a score of 13 on the 15 scale, and the possibility of artificial nutrition is being evaluated, he said.

Martínez Blanco pointed out that Gretell Landrovell also continues to be tubed and ventilated; she maintains hemodynamic stability, but has an imbalance of the internal environment, which is difficult to manage.

The neurological damage in her case is severe, with four points out of 15 possible, so the prognosis is not favorable; soon the evaluation of the injuries will be made by the specialties of orthopedics and traumatology, he said.

According to the director of the hospital, the 39-year-old Emiley Sánchez, has improved her general internal condition, is tubed and ventilated; a radiological check of the spine was carried out, which proved that there were no injuries in the area.

Her blood circulation and pulse status have improved, she maintains good diuresis and is correcting the alterations in clotting, he added.

He also said that the specialists in Traumatology have carried out the corresponding actions to treat the burns she presents.

Despite these advances, he said, he reports that she is in an extremely critical condition with a high risk of complications and an unfavorable prognosis, as a result of burns to 41 percent of her body.

Martínez Blanco reiterated that all the necessary human and material resources are available for the care of patients and to resolve the possible complications that are expected.