HAVANA.- World Freedom of the Press Day was celebrated on Thursday with a call to the younger generation to maintain themselves informed and outwit attempts of manipulation carried out by the mass media monopolies in the world.

The President of the Latin American Journalists Federation (FELAP), Juan Carlos Camano recalled how many colleagues in the region have been persecuted, tortured and assassinated for reporting a different version to that imposed by the groups of power.

He expressed that it is important to reflect on the concept of freedom of the press in today’s world and affirmed that there is no democracy of information without economic democracy meaning the just distribution of wealth.

Camano also referred to the way in which several professionals of the sector in countries like Venezuela and Brazil manipulate the news to discredit the progressive leaders of the continent and frustrate any attempt for a better world.

The President of Felap also mentioned that the information monopolies attempt to impose the understanding and develop ideological confrontation, above all in the digital platforms.

The President of Honor of the Cuban Journalists Association (UPEC), Tubal Paez took the opportunity to pay tribute to Carlos Bastidas, the las journalist assassinated in the Caribbean island by the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship in May of 1958.

UPEC Vice President Aixa Hevia highlighted several generations of journalists during the event and some of them National Journalists Award laureates and stressed that they will soon attempt to recover the history of the press starting from an agreement established between the organization
and the History Institute.

She also announced the television series to be aired starting Thursday called Glories of Cuban Journalism which recalls the history of the life of 20 figures of the sector that have deserved the National Prize for their work.

World Freedom of the Press Day is celebrated each May 3rd, since 1993 due to an agreement at the UN General Assembly.