HAVANA.- Cuba’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ana Teresita Gonzalez Fraga denounced on Wednesday in Havana the setback of the relations between the island and the United States due to Washington’s political interference.

Ana Teresita was speaking to representatives from 66 countries and 241 organizations from around the world.

During the International Solidarity with Cuba Encounter held at Havana’s Convention Center, Gonzalez Fraga said that during the recent years of the Barack Obama administration both nations set examples that they could live in a civilized and constructive manner and begin a new relationship.

However, she said, with the arrival of Donald Trump to power, there was a significant setback in the relations between both governments as a result of decisions adopted by the new administration.

In June of 2017, Trump repealed Obama’s directive and signed the Presidential National Security Memorandum on strengthening its policy towards Cuba, she said, document that satisfied the interests of a minority of the extreme right in the US, contrary to the public opinion and international community.

Gonzalez Fraga explained that the objectives of the policy are reinforcing the commercial, economic and financial blockade against Cuba, end the economic ties between both nations and restrict even further travel to Cuba.

The Deputy Foreign Minister denounced how Washington pretends to expand its influence on Cuban society and extend its values while delegitimizing Cuba.

She added that there is no evidence on the alleged sonic attacks against US diplomats in Havana.

Gonzalez Fraga emphasized that Cuba is a safe country, known by all, but is not of Washington’s interests.

Cuba, she said, has reiterated its commitment to continue a respectful dialog and cooperation in issues of mutual interest, but we need the will of both sides; and emphasized that Cuba will not give in to any of its principles.