HAVANA.- Cuba expressed its solidarity with Brazil’s former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva following the rejection by Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court of a Habeas Corpus presented by Lula’s defense attorney and considered his possible detention a very serious action.

In a television appearance Thursday evening, the general director of the Latin America and Caribbean Division at the Cuban Foreign Ministry Eugenio Martinez said that as it has been confirmed the decision by the Federal Court of Brazil opens a door to a possible and imminent detention of Lula, an act which could be very serious.

The Court’s decision is a new expression of the delayed and unfair campaign against Lula, against the Workers’ Party and against left and progressive forces in Brazil, said the Cuban official in his statement.

Federal Judge Sergio Moro issued a warrant against Lula on Thursday, hours after the Federal Supreme Court gave the former president 24 hours to show up at the Federal Police Station at the southern Curitiba city where Lula would be imprisoned.

Lula keeps enjoying large people’s support, affection and international recognition as a result of his success leading a government that brought benefits to the large majorities, which some try to deprive from their right to re-elect Lula as their president, and thus opening the road to a new neoliberal escalation and revert his achievements.

Once again we express our solidarity and support for comrade Lula, concluded the statement.