HAVANA.- The National Electoral Commission released the following informative note regarding the constitution of the 168 municipal assemblies of the Popular Power.

This Sunday, the 168 municipal assemblies of People's Power were established throughout Cuba, based on Article 126 of the Electoral Law, which establishes that on the date set by the State Council, within 21 days of the election of all delegates, these meet in their own right, provided with their respective certificates of election, to constitute the Assembly and elect by secret ballot its president and vice president.

These assemblies were initiated under the direction of the presidents of the municipal electoral commissions.

With an attendance of 98.5 percent of all delegates, the 168 municipalities elected their presidents and vice-presidents, whose proposals were presented by the candidacy commissions to that body, which were made up of two candidates selected from the delegates of the assembly itself.

The acts of constitution of the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power and the election of its president and vice president constituted another example of genuine democracy and popular participation, characterized by its organization, discipline, transparency and compliance with the provisions of the law. This concludes the first stage of the general elections 2017-2018.