HAVANA.- The rate of work-related accidents in Cuba shows a decrease, as a result of the joint effort of all agencies, said Ana Julia Cleger, an official in the Labor and Social Affairs area of ​​the Cuban´s Workers Confederation.

At the end of last September, 44 deaths were reported for this cause, a figure that has decreased since 2007, when 251 lethal cases occurred, Cleger explained.
She affirmed that in the last times the majority of the labor accidents happen on the roads, and in them they are involved private carriers that realize interprovincial trips.

She noted that national unions have the obligation to demand compliance with the Labor Code and negotiate everything related to the safety of its members in terms of, for example, the provision of means of protection.

In Cuba it is a priority that security is the weapon of employers to guarantee productivity, but above all, human life, she said.

Cleger considered essential that the budget allocated for the improvement of working conditions and maintenance to eliminate or minimize risks are executed.

The National Seminar on Occupational Safety and Health was held in the country from November 1 to November 30, in order to maintain safe and hygienic conditions in each work area, and for personnel to become aware of the need to comply with established safety regulations.