HAVANA.- Over 7.6 million Cubans went to the polls this Sunday to vote for the delegates to the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power, informed in a press conference Alina Balseiro, president of the National Electoral Commission (CEN).

According to preliminary data offered by the head of the CEN, this figure represents 85.94 percent of the close to 8.6 million citizens called to exercise their right to vote in the day yon Sunday, in what constitutes the first stage of the general elections 2017-2018.

Balseiro said that the number of voters this Sunday increased by 54,882, compared to the partial elections of 2015.

She reported that of the total number of ballots deposited at the polls, 91.79 percent were valid; the blank ones represented 4.12 percent, while the ones canceled only 4.07 percent, which shows better results in terms of the quality of the vote than in the previous process, she said.

Balseiro added that the provinces with the best percentages of valid ballots were Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo, Las Tunas, Granma and Sancti Spíritus.
The electoral authority indicated that during the day of yesterday 11,415 delegates were elect, of the 12,515 existing circumscriptions.

In a preliminary way, she informed that of the total number women elected represent 35.47 percent, while young people represent 14.36.

Balseiro said 1,100 districts will go to the second round on Sunday, December 3, 67 less than in 2015.

She announced that by December 3 all the material conditions will be created, and the necessary documentation will be prepared to ensure the quality of the next round of elections.