SANTA CLARA, CUBA.- Puerto Rican independence fighter Oscar Lopez Rivera paid homage to Commander Ernesto Guevara in the Sculptural Complex that, in this city, bears the name of the guerrilla of the Americas.

Accompanied by Julio Lima Corzo, first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party in Villa Clara, the Puerto Rican patriot laid a wreath on the memorial that holds the remains of the Heroic Guerrilla and his companions fallen in Bolivia.

Visibly moved, Lopez Rivera expressed his admiration and respect for the Argentine-Cuban doctor to whom he dedicated a moment of reflection, and during the tour of the museum of photos, documents and belongings, he showed interest in learning about his life in Cuba and other lands in which he fought to defend the noblest ideals of freedom for the peoples.

In exchange with the press, he expressed his identification with the historical figures of Fidel Castro and Ernesto Guevara, who, according to him, are paradigms of fighters for a better world.

The Puerto Rican independence patriot received the coat of arms of the city granted by the Provincial Assembly of People's Power of Villa Clara in recognition of his long struggle by his country and unwavering attitude for more than 35 years in prison in the United States.

In contrast to what he has appreciated during his visit to Cuba, where there is support from state institutions, Lopez Rivera said that after the damage caused by hurricane Maria to Puerto Rico, everything is very different and dilated, without the support of resources that are required to solve first-need problems of the population.He added that as a United States colony, they have only received a large contingent of soldiers to care for the interests of the powerful nation on the island, and promises of millionaire loans from corporations that would indebt much more the citizens of the Caribbean nation, without resources for payment for mandatory discounts.